Mechanics Lien Summary – Kansas

Lien claimants? General contractors, subcontractors, sub-subcontractors, Suppliers, and Architects/Engineers. Does NOT permit liens by: suppliers to suppliers or suppliers to sub-subcontractors. 
Lien covers? Labor, materials, supplies, equipment and transportation costs utilized or incorporated into the project. 
Filing Deadline? General: Four months after last substantive labor ormaterial provided*


Subcontractor/Supplier: 3 months after last substantive labor or material provided **


*Filing deadline may be extended if notice of extension filed within original filing deadline time.


Notice Requirements? General Contractor: No notice required 

Subcontractor/Supplier: Lien must be served on owner and parties with an equitable interest in the property.


Notice of Intent to Lien? General Contractor:   Not Required 

Subcontractor/Supplier: Not Required


Lien Foreclosure? 1 year: Must initiate litigation to foreclose on the mechanics lien no later than one year after the lien was filed. 


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